Thursday, October 3, 2013

100 Posts!

So I noticed yesterday that my french toast recipe was post number 99 - which means today's post is the first real milestone of this blog: Post 100!

While it's more within my personality to celebrate a Disney number (and thus making tomorrow's 101 an even bigger deal) I figured, let's start with one that everyone can relate to. So for my hundredth post-iversary, here are some of my favorite posts that I've written in this blog so far. Enjoy!

Favorite Recipe: Mini quiches - these babies were pretty and delicious while simultaneously being bite-sized. I had one with breakfast everyday until they each disappeared into my belly.

Best Adventure: Letchworth State Park - going to this gorgeous canyon definitely lived up to it's hype, what with amazing waterfalls and beautiful vistas.

Greatest Disney Moment: Tea For Twelve - Tea is one of our favorite traditions as is, but going with the party of twelve for B's bachelorette weekend just made it even better!

Nailed the Most: Green Color Block - this was my first time successfully doing a taped off manicure where I didn't have to redo literally every nail. Also the colors were awesome!

Picture Perfect: A Hike Through the Woods - Going out on walks with The Boy and Riley is definitely one of the things I miss since I moved, and this day was just so perfect.

Greatest Deep Thought: Existential Crises - This was one of my first posts and is still one of my favorites. I love being reminded how small we really are.

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